About Us

Red Oak Mfg., Inc., a southwest Iowa company and producer of Finish Line Trailers, is a manufacturer of open, flatbed trailers ranging from a 4x6 Universal trailer to a 30’ Deck Over.

Red Oak Mfg., Inc. was formed in late 2009 with full production beginning the first of February, 2010 and is owned and operated by individuals with 50+ years of experience in fabrication, production, manufacturing, and customer service who have combined this know-how to create, what we feel is, a state-of-the-art company.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and quality both in our sales and customer service as well as our production.  Our 165,000+ square feet facility enables us to store all raw materials in a controlled environment, out of the weather, which is where our production quality begins.

In addition to our facility, a few other things which set us apart from our competitors are:

  • 10-year frame warranty*
  • #1 grade treated lumber
  • Combination fender step and license plate bracket – an example of our many custom cut parts*
  • EZ-Lube hubs on both idler or brake axles
  • LED lighting in enclosed wiring*
  • Light channel bracket for added protection of taillights and rear marker lights*
  • Powder coat finish – the newest technology – ** POWDURA® TGIC Free!
  • Radial*** tires
  • Solid shaft pivots with external grease zerks on tilt bed models

We only sell at a wholesale level so if you are a consumer, we invite you to contact your nearest Finish Line Trailer dealer which can be found using the “Dealer Locator” portion of our website.  Or if you prefer, please contact us at 712.623.6021 and we will provide you with your nearest dealer’s contact information.

If you are a dealer, please feel free to give our Dealer Representatives a call, at 712.623.6021, to establish your dealership today!  We have new dealers joining our team each day and would like you to be one of them!

Thank you for visiting our website.

** POWDURA® TGIC Free – Below is an excerpt from Sherwin-Williams’ press release http://www.oem.sherwin-williams.com/mx/spa/news-and-events/press-releases/year/2008/tgic-free-powdura-super-durable-powder/index.jspregarding the type of powder coat product used by Red Oak Mfg., Inc. on all Finish Line Trailers.

Sherwin-Williams POWDURA® Super Durable TGIC-Free Polyester provides better exterior durability, UV resistance and gloss retention than standard TGIC powders.  Further, it accepts and holds onto electrical charge better and longer than standard TGIC powders, improving transfer efficiency by 10% or more.  The technology’s non-toxic, TGIC-free properties also contribute to making it a greener solution for metal finishers.

* Does NOT apply to Challenger Series models.
*** Golf Cart trailers and Challenger Series models have bias tires.